Personalized Career Planning

Get to Know the CEO

Our professional career advisers and coaches at Career Engagement and Opportunity (CEO) will give you a leg up in the ever-evolving job market. How will your AOC lead to a career? Find potential career pathways by AOC here

Novo Career Advantage

Through the steps of New College’s career plan, the Novo Career Advantage, CEO professional and student staff collaborate with faculty to provide personalized career coaching to students throughout their academic experience ensuring they develop, apply, and communicate skills gained from their liberal arts education, make intentional and strategic career decisions, explore options, connect to opportunity, and are successful in pursuing any professional goal.

Jobs & Internships

New College grads start careers in every industry from IT, business, healthcare, education, government, social services, and more. Hundreds of employers recruit on our campus each year and thousands more recruit through our online career platform, Handshake. Personalized for your interests, our nationally award winning internship programs will give you the hands-on experience you need to launch your career after graduation.

Grad School Preparation

Interested in grad school? New College has comprehensive exam prep for the MCAT, the LSAT, you name it—not to mention pre-med, pre-law and M.B.A. advisers who can help you navigate the graduate school application process. Going straight into a career? We have pre-med and pre-law Pre-Professional Programs, as well as a Professionals in Residence program that lets you schedule appointments with industry leaders for in-depth interview practice and job searching.

Careers of New College Alums

Thanks to their experiential learning background at New College, our alumni are successful risk takers and trailblazers. Take a closer look at the professional success of New College graduates.

Kate Hubbard Marine Research Scientist

“I was free to invent my own curriculum at New College, and that’s basically what I do now as a research scientist.”

Giulia Heyward Journalist, Former New York Times Fellow

“I think New College really helped me foster this idea of constantly learning and engaging, and not being afraid to try new things.”

Rafael Ribeiro General Counsel at Walt Disney

“Critical thinking and writing are the main tools for any attorney, and New College pushed us hard to develop these skills.”

Life After New College


Public University Producer of Ph.D. degrees, Survey of Earned Doctorates


New College graduates’ median salary after ten or more years in the workforce, according to, is second highest among state universities in Florida.

Top 10

The Princeton Review ranks New College #7 for Best Alumni Network among public universities, based on college student ratings of alumni activity and visibility on campus.